World famous professor in system dynamics David Wheat started his lectures in Riga Technical University

On the 3rd of September guest lectures led by world famous professor David Wheat on system dynamics started for students of “Environmental Science” programme in the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment of the Riga Technical University.

David Wheat received his master’s degree at Harvard University and his PhD in System Dynamics at the University of Bergen in 2007. David Wheat is past-president of the economics chapter of the International System Dynamics Society, is a member of the Scientific Committees of the international journals (“System Dynamics Review”, “International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education”), and is a co-author of several scientific publications and books, the latest of them – “Feedback Dynamics” – will be released at Springer Publishing in 2020. He works as an expert on macroeconomic models in banking organizations and was employed by the White House. Currently David Wheat works as a professor at four universities in US, Norway, Lithuania and Ukraine and from August 2019 also as a guest professor in Riga Technical University.

Professor will lead a study course on system dynamics modelling tools at Riga Technical University, including also practical training.

The course is being organised within the project No. „Development of the academic personnel of Riga Technical University”.

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