In recent years, environmental science has become an important part of science that affects the development of society and other scopes of science. Environmental pollution has posed a serious threat to all humanity, therefore is need to focus on environmental protection issues at all levels. Currently, environmental engineering specialists in Latvia are required at all levels of national economy and state administration. Companies, ministries and municipalities need specialists who will be able to provide environmentally friendly management, which is in the priority list of the European Union.


Environmental science gives the most complete answer to how to reduce the human impact on the environment, because it encourages thinking and analyzing of the causes of environmental and climate change. This idea is also put in the foundation of the program of environmental engineering studies. The Environmental science study program is developed in such a way that trains technologically minded specialists in Latvia, who not only take care of sustainable development, but are also able to evaluate and help the national economy to reduce impact on environment, as well as forecast the development of the economy, within the framework of European legislation and international agreements.