Bioeconomy Research Center

Bioeconomy (biotechonomy) is defined as a science based on a sustainable and profitable economic use of local resources to produce novel, marketable, competitive products made using innovative and modern biotechnologies.
This research centre is proposing to use biotechonomy principles into different fields of research involving engineering, biological, economic and financial disciplines in a framed and organized overarching collaboration. This inter- and multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. among the others ecology, material science, biology, energy efficiency, cleaner production, renewable energy technology, together with System Dynamics and LCA modelling, analytical and software-based modelling) would be beneficial to provide an holistic view within the more efficient use of bio resources.
The main goal of Bioeconomy Research Centre is to merge science and technologies to create innovative technological solutions aimed to increase the added value of specific products merging the contribution of academia and private sectors. The synergy will create the inspired background for more sustainable product development starting from innovative preliminary ideas to the final concept and potentially marketable product.
Bioeconomy Research Centre has been involved in projects in cooperation with local and international partners mostly oriented towards the design and commercialization of innovative bio-products, bio-technology and market strategy.