Diploma thesis

Master thesis on year 2020
  • Modelling and optimization for micro-algae growing in an open-pond pilot stand
  • CO2 biofilter through microalgae biomass production technology for biogas plants: design and experiments in open ponds
  • Phasing out of alternatives for biogas production
  • Thermal insulation from spruce needles
  • Flexibility in energy transition
  • Energy efficiency improvement in fish processing waste
  • Flood Risk and resilience assessment through the use of a GIS-based software: case study in the Latvian context
  • Comparision of EU Policy and Indian Policy
  • Co-Firing of Wood Dust in Gas Boilers
  • Thermal insulation from invasive plants
  • Industrial waste with high sugar content
  • Evaluation of bioresource valorization alternatives
  • Solar energy accumulation
  • Bio-Ethylen production by oxidative coupling of methane with focus on environmental performance
  • Analysis and modelling of the cold supply chain within food and beverage sectors for the selection of optimal energy efficiency measures: a life cycle-based approach for a Latvian case study