Inviting the PhD student for the research “Integration of waste heat flows in the district heating”

Integration of waste (also called excess or surplus) heat flows into the district heating systems has been identified as a significant complementary driver on the road to climate neutrality by delivering primary energy savings. Unused heat flows could partly cover heat demand if suitable technical and organizational conditions have been met. Previous studies have been on waste heat potential assessment and the possibility of heat load coverage. However, the research gap still exists regarding the conditions for broader waste heat flow use if the smart energy system elements are integrated into the energy sector (including smart heat meters, thermal storage systems, heat pumps, and low-temperature heating networks). Furthermore, the necessity to valorize waste heat from industrial objects, energy production facilities, data centres, supermarkets, wastewater treatment plants, and other heat sources at the regional scale has been emphasized in the existing legislative documents of the European Union.

Responsibilities and (foreseen) tasks

  • Identification of waste heat flows in Latvia through literature and data analyses;
  • developing the modelling tool for waste heat integration into district heating systems;
  • Conducting the simulations for waste heat integration under various heating and cooling conditions;
  • Preparing scientific publications and participating in international scientific conferences to present the obtained research results;

Applicants should fulfil the following requirements:

  • a master’s degree in engineering (preferably in thermal engineering, power engineering or environmental engineering)
  • a clear interest in the topic of the position
  • excellent command of English
  • strong and demonstrable writing and analytical skills
  • capacity to work both as an independent researcher and as part of a team

We offer:

  • 4-year PhD position in the highly motivated and active research team of RTU IESE, participating in international and national research projects on district heating, waste heat and energy efficiency.
  • Opportunities for conference visits, research stays and networking with globally leading universities and research centres in the fields of energy and thermal engineering;
  • Opportunity to apply for research grants and prepare scientific project proposals with a potential position as a researcher in our institute

Terms for application:

To apply for the doctoral study topic offer, send your CV and preliminary research plan to e-mail:  by August 20.

All requirements for doctoral studies at Riga Technical University are summarized here:

Additional information

For further information, please get in touch with asoc. Prof. Ieva Pakere and see the institute webpage:


We also offer applications for other topics related to energy efficiency, production and use of renewable energy resources, fuel combustion technologies, climate technology solutions, eco-design and life cycle analysis, energy planning, bioeconomy and many other topics. We invite you to contact us by writing to the e-mail and/or calling the phone no. +371 67 089 923.

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