Summer School “Latvian Biocapacity”

Successfully finished RTU IESE organized Summer School “Latvian Biocapacity” which was held in Riga, Latvia, August 13-22. 13 participants from 11 countries took part in this summer school. Under the guidance of RTU academic staff and experienced guides participants learned about Latvian culture and natural resources and learned how to produce high value-added products from local resources and how to use of resources without leaving any residue. Participants also had to create an innovative product from natural materials by themselves, develop a product concept and analyze the life-cycle of this product as well as make economic, social and environmental assessment.
The main aim of this summer school was to popularize Latvia’s culture, history and nature, and to show Latvia’s image as the country of biological resources, showing achievements in the sustainable use of biological resources and in the creation of innovations. The organization of the summer school was supported by the State Education Development Agency, with the grant of 10 Latvian State scholarships.

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