Podcast “Life Cycle Assessment and Ecolabelling towards Circular Economy”

Podcast “Sustainable Worlds” episode “Life Cycle Assessment and Ecolabelling towards Circular Economy”.

Nowadays, consumers are more aware of products’ sustainability and circular aspects. However, on the other hand, implementing a substantial environmental strategy that addresses all phases of the product lifecycle is a complex and demanding challenge that several companies still need to overcome convincingly.

In this podcast, entitled “Life Cycle Assessment and Ecolabelling towards Circular Economy”, the speakers would like to clarify the use LCA as a quantitative tool to evaluate product’s environmental performances and its role in promoting Circular Economy solutions, Ecodesign and product’s ecolabelling.

Francesco RomagnoliDr.sc.ing., professor, RTU VASSI;
Maksims FeofilovsDr.sc.ing., assist. prof., RTU VASSI;
Riccardo PaoliM.sc., researcher, RTU VASSI.

You can listen to it here: https://anchor.fm/ilgtspejigas-pasaules/episodes/23-Life-Cycle-Assessment-and-Ecolabelling-towards-Circular-Economy-e1i4fti/a-a7sfrkp

You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/mDv27-lIP-c

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